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Sales Planning

SiriusDecisions provides sales executives access to the intelligence, resources and best practices they need to develop thorough, successful and repeatable sales planning capabilities that center on a collaborative approach between sales, marketing and product functions. We help companies formulate a tangible, actionable approach to sales planning that serves as an overarching roadmap to realizing their broader business goals.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help companies take a comprehensive approach to planning, using our proven frameworks and a collaborative, iterative approach
  • Our collaborative formula is the key to better functional alignment
  • We break down sales planning into manageable phases that allow us to create a tailored solution for each company
  • We provide companies access to our proprietary sales planning model and tools to ensure thorough, successful outcomes

Key Issues

Sales planning is a process, not an event. Effective planning involves collecting, collating and analyzing operational data all year long, then delivering insights and intelligence to sales leaders and managers that enables better decision making.

Nearly half of all companies fail to dedicate sufficient time and resources to developing their sales plan.

Many organizations lack the understanding of best practices needed to ensure that sales, marketing and product collaborate to optimize the planning process.

Marketing invests heavily in the planning and analysis that are essential to sales, but poor communication and collaboration keep analysis from being included in the sales plan.

Organizations need to commit to a formal sales planning process to minimize disruptions and uncertainty when the need to making plan changes arises.

Organizations should avoid “push-button” planning (i.e. plans based on unrealistic growth assumptions). Annual plans should be designed to fit changing markets, audiences and business goals.

The goal is greater collaboration between sales and marketing on sales planning to ensure achievement of shared business goals.

Success Stories

ADI’s success with a sales process based on the buyer’s journey is a compelling example of how buyer insights can support sales productivity improvements and form the basis of other transformation efforts.

Read client story here

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

We provide sales executives with a detailed, market-proven approach to sales planning that is collaborative, repeatable and measurable, and is based on our extensive research expertise.


Results You Can Expect

A sales plan that unites sales, marketing and product resources to optimize results

A tangible, actionable plan that works

A plan that serves as a roadmap for sales execution and achievement of business goals

A standardized, repeatable approach to sales planning that delivers an equitable, efficient, data-informed sales plan

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