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Sales Technology

SiriusDecisions helps sales operations leaders evaluate their current technology and pinpoint how it’s supporting the organization and its goals, and build a roadmap for future technology purchases by defining gaps, articulating business requirements and prioritizing options. Additionally, we help them understand their role in technology management and how to collaborate across teams to ensure the right technology acquisition process is in place.

How SiriusDecisions Helps

  • We help clients invest in the right technologies to fit their organization's business needs, their required technical capabilities and their sales strategy
  • We help clients understand the value of having sales operations oversee the sales technology stack to ensure consistency and optimal efficiency
  • We help clients sort through the many sales technology vendors so they can narrow down the choices to those that fit their particular business and end user needs

Key Issues

Are you getting full value from your sales technology tools?

Is it difficult to get sales reps to engage in sales technology and tools?

Do you have a sales technology stack that delivers process efficiency?

The SiriusDecisions Advantage

SiriusDecisions is the leader in marketing and sales processes. It is this expertise that shapes our technology perspective to focus first on identifying business priorities, build business requirements for those priorities and then help organizations select technology to address relevant needs.


Results You Can Expect

Return on investment for technology

Rationalized technology spend for optimal use

Identified and rationalized redundant technologies

Identified gaps where technology is not providing value

A multi-year roadmap for tech purchases to help ensure current and future success

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities in technology planning

Clear understanding of which current technologies should be working together

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