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The Sirius star appears in the earliest astronomical records from around the world – not only because it is bright, but also because it rises and disappears in a regular cycle. Therefore, early civilizations around the world used Sirius to navigate, mark time and try to make order out of the apparent chaos of the night sky.

At SiriusDecisions, it's our mission to help sales, marketing and product leaders by providing them with the right insights, guidance and data to navigate complex business problems and drive intelligent growth.

As we propel further into the digital age, SiriusDecisions is working with clients and providers to help them look at the technology and services landscape differently, and changing the tech buying conversation to start with "What are you trying to do?" rather than "What category do you want to buy?” Once you know what you want to do and account for the technology and services you already have, we help you define the range of solutions required to meet your goals. We evaluate technology and services through the lens of our client's business issues and priorities – not through features.

“Technology without context or a link to the business outcome ends up being wasted.” <br /><br />&ndash;Judi Hand, Chief Revenue Officer, TTEC

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