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Planning, Execution and Measurement with the Demand Unit Waterfall™

SiriusDecisions introduced the Demand Unit Waterfall at the May, 2017 SiriusDecisions Summit in Las Vegas. Since then, dozens of articles, blog posts and webinars have been published discussing the nature and impact of the new Waterfall. Now for the first time, you will have a chance to hear directly from the source how organizations can utilize Demand Units, Demand Maps and the Demand Unit Waterfall to more effectively plan, execute and measure their Demand Creation and account-based marketing performance. During this event we:
  • Reviewed key Demand Unit Waterfall innovations
  • Learned how to identify their organization’s Demand Units and map those to accounts to inform demand planning processes
  • Learned how organizations are utilizing Demand Units to inform go-to-market execution strategies and tactics
  • Gained clarity around the new measures enabled by the Demand Unit Waterfall and workshop how those measures would benefit organizations

This forum was presented in La Jolla, Boston and Palo Alto.

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